I'm bright and I'm worth your time, but, like everyone else, it can be hard for me to admit that.





the most stressful post on this website

the paain

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Accurate depiction of life with anxiety.
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Detail of a composition I’m working on. Lou Ros 2013
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Pablo Neruda, from The Book of Questions
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Haley Harper - Leo
you’ll be working in groups
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bigoted feminism is feminism but it’s an extremely skewed and awful version of feminism that needs to be called out and critiqued and altered. there are huge problems within the feminist movement such as racism and transphobia and transmisogyny that need to be addressed, and writing off these sort of things as “not real feminism” ignores these issues and writes off the experiences of the affected people as unimportant

yes. yes yes.

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04/10/13 - dreams

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